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What is social marketing really capable of?

Social marketing – driving behaviour change in healthcare The way we live, how we live, and the stresses that we face are quite different to those of, say, people living in the 1940s. While you could argue that after the war, life was extremely stressful in Britain, as we and other countries tried to get back to some form of normality, today’s lifestyle pressures are also great. We as a society, lead very stressful lives. Some would argue that technology is partly to blame for this. Certainly, the office never closes – mobile technology has led to that. But it has made new things possible too, so that we can communicate and connect with people across the globe.

Managing our high intensity lives

Unfortunately, the intensity of our lives has brought on a range of new, threatening health conditions.

It’s generally accepted, and widely reported by the NHS, that we are now all suffering from a broader range of health conditions, and choosing to live our lives in high intensity ways – ways that sometimes bring on personal health problems.

While there are some that would say that health cuts have led to poorer healthcare service delivery and that has had an impact on personal health, there does seem to be more people suffering from mental health issues, alcoholism, eating disorders, high blood pressure and heart problems, and other many things. Are these symptoms of life in our new world?

Behaviour change marketing – for healthcare 

Social marketing delivers behaviour change, and its something that the NHS is now actively using, to promote positive health messages across different ‘at risk’ groups.

From where to get help, better awareness of NHS services, availability of medical screening to detect early signs of serious illness, to positive reinforcement of the benefits of exercise, social marketing campaigns, delivered by experienced healthcare marketing companies, are making a difference in our world, and the NHS is committed to making it work as part of its preventive healthcare strategy.


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