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How a socially motivated gymnastics project is transforming lives

The British Gymnastics Association – a social marketing intervention project

The British Gymnastics Association promotes, encourages and facilitates gymnastic activities for everyone, irrespective of their personal or social circumstances.

‘Love to Move’ – dementia-friendly

Most recently the BGA has launched their ‘Love to Move’ social marketing campaign, aimed at a very different kind of target group – those with dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Transforming lives and giving older people increased independence

Love to Move is refreshingly different.

Recognising that dementia is progressive, and that exercise is hugely important to the condition, Love to Move is a seated gymnastics programme that has the power to transform thousands of lives, while being incredible fun.

It’s ultimately designed to keep dementia sufferers mobile, healthy and to give back a bit of normality and independence.

Not just about exercising

Love to Move is not just about exercise and increasing mobility, it focuses on cognitive stimulation therapy and development of social interaction skills.

Asymmetrical movement patterns are designed to help older people and those with dementia and mild cognitive impairment to perform a wider range of functions, given it enables the right and left sides of the brain to process information independently.

Fundraising – community involvement

To get the wider community involved, the BGA has launched a fundraising campaign that hopes to expand the scheme. The aim is to raise £25,000 and the BGA has pledged to match fund whatever is raised.

The Love to Move exercise booklet can be downloaded at:

As Love to Move becomes more known, it’s just one of many social marketing examples that demonstrate how a well thought through campaign can inspire positive behaviour change.

What’s the secret to its success? Working with a business that recognises the power of social marketing to change things. And not just in the healthcare sector. From a dental marketing agency, to those specialising in education, partnering the right business is hugely important.


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