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Behavioural change marketing – what is it capable of achieving?

What is behavioural change marketing?

Businesses that specialise in this field use the latest behavioural change theories and research, to deliver insight-led campaigns and interventions to promote health and social wellbeing. That means they attempt to associate with an audience’s needs, to understand their thought processes and appreciate why they make the decisions they do, before any intervention or scheme is created.

From detailed research focusing on complex behaviours and habits, to the implementation and review of large-scale social marketing schemes, behavioural change marketing is being adopted by different industries and is at work tackling some serious social, health and education issues.

Don’t recommend a solution, before you understand the problem!

For years marketing agencies have developed all singing and dancing campaigns that aim to sell, create awareness and promote different aspects of services and products. But behavioural marketing goes down a different route.

Looking at each issue from a different viewpoint

Before any creative is conceived, a behavioural marketing agency will develop the insight they need to understand the people they aim to influence, by undertaking targeted research, using the latest theories and models. Looking ahead - post implementation - that means a vast improvement in the campaign’s impact.

Combined with recommendations based on the robust research undertaken, appropriate social marketing strategy, creative implementation and thorough evaluation, behaviour change campaigns can be highly effective given they are designed around an audience’s unique needs, rather than one-size-fits-all.

Long lasting interventions that have impact across society

As more and more industries choose to use these exciting techniques, so the reputation of behavioural marketing continues to grow.

With schemes dedicated to encouraging young people to consume less alcohol, promoting preventive health measures, raising awareness about the importance of exercise and helping councils to reflect on the identity and ethnicity of their residents, behavioural marketing is a highly capable technique, with a sure future ahead.


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